Mosaic5G Ecosystem

Mosaic5G introduces the world’s first ecosystem of 5G R&D open source platforms ranging from the centralized network control to the mobile edge network deployment

Bringing together the agile network automation, virtualization and abstraction

Mosaic5G Ecosystem

Mobile OS & Device Makers

From the perspective of mobile devices, Mosaic5G offers applications on the edge while adding the support of services closer to the device (e.g., IoE) and providing open source APIs to foster third-party network developers to realize 5G service-oriented vision.

To this end, Mosaic5G aims to ensure QoE for typical 5G use cases supporting end-to-end network slicing and integrating solid solutions that lie in intelligent mobile edge computing. The latter leads to the requirement of a new class of mobile devices for pertinent commercial activities, where applications on the edge can augment mobile users’ resources, minimize network latency and increase reliability of cellular connectivity far from previous generations. Even if these benefits are the main guarantees, in case the edge network experiences high traffic, data can be offloaded to the cloud in order to balance network load.

Newly established allies with our community show high level of interest on verticals’ market creating new opportunities that highlight Mosaic5G showcases in 5G PoCs. The output feedback will point out the critical points to enhance any real-time issues in future releases acting as an effective testing method based on specific KPIs.

Mosaic5G Ecosystem

Network App Developers

Mosaic5G provides to network developers a new architecture that realizes a gamut of applications as well as focuses on their usability targeting to customize and personalize the application requirements.

The idea of creating Mosaic5G application store as a collection of tools (SDKs and APIs) is to leverage the assets value of deploying a cellular network infrastructure while exposing the control plane on the server side to provide dynamic on-demand resources, monitor the network status and collect online statistical data. Such an agile architecture is adaptable to any cloud or edge computing platforms based on NFV and MEC, aligned with commonplace orchestration architectures (e.g., Kubernetes) and transparent to the underlying technology. We have released the components as open source software accompanied with up-to-date technical documentation and web material that aim to guide developers with the existing framework and let them go beyond.

We are currently working closely with our community members towards a systematic approach to stakeholders’ engagement while Mosaic5G code is already running live in various infrastructures around the world allowing application customers to benefit from state-of-the-art technologies projected to their use cases.

Mosaic5G Ecosystem

Telecom Technology Partners

For mobile operators and vendors, Mosaic5G enables the environment for flexible network components to underpin innovation and deliver market valuable services under the demand of content-hungry consumers.

To revolutionize mobile networks, open source technology enters the market space and comes with such innovative architecture that dramatically simplifying the setting up and operation of the mobile network as a service in contrast to traditional standards-based cellular architectures. Beyond 4G technologies, modernized mobile networks converge to the cloud and edge technologies to provision new services via optimal centralized control. By constructing powerful plug & play software for radio access and core network management, Mosaic5G can empower operators to create new on-demand services (e.g., AR and VR gaming) with high bandwidth requirements to achieve customer satisfaction and monetize the upcoming platform business models.

Collaborative relationships are undergoing with the leaders in the telecom market field as well as standardization bodies (e.g., O-RAN) to pave the way towards new Mosaic5G architectures and influence the commercial 5G footprint in the telecom market.

Mosaic5G Ecosystem

Service Provider

Focusing on the service provider angle, Mosaic5G is destined to enhance current cloud computing technologies and manage the quality of the network connection from the cloud to the edge user in terms of network capacity, latency and packet loss.

To provide open source flexible orchestration of the network components, Mosaic5G offers on-demand virtualized resources at the cloud/edge, core and data networks and dynamically split network control and data plane based on a service-oriented architecture. In that way, virtualization and cloud computing result in reducing the cost of the required resources in data centers and lower the cost of 5G deployment while remote control moves to the cloud provider to manage scalability and optimize the network infrastructure. In addition, flexible migration of any modules to the edge (e.g., MEC) can lead to latency mitigation and avoid exceeding SLA's performance guarantee (e.g., ultra-reliable VR).

Interaction with community reveals the first attempts to embrace Mosaic5G technology as a paradigm to inject live broadcasting (e.g., TV streaming) at the mobile edge exploiting efficiently the dedicated resources in a centralized manner.