Mosaic5G Workshop Fall 2020

Join US to 2020 Mosaic5G Virtual Workshop on December 3rd, 9:00am-6:00pm CET

Announcing latest Status and Roadmap of M5G Platforms, Share Expereince, provide 4 training sessions and best practices M5G/OAI.


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We are pleased to announce Mosaic5G virtual workshop on the December 3rd, 2020 from 9:00AM-6:00PM Central European Time. The event is to be held on the Zoom conferencing tool.

From its inception in 2016 till now, the Mosaic5G stack has made it possible to deliver 4G and more recently 5G on as-a-service basis leveraging technology enablers such as SDN, NFV/cloud-native, and MEC technology, prototyped on the top of the OpenAirInterface 4G/5G software platforms. This workshop will be a great opportunity to share experiences and visions on agile and data-driven 4G/5G network services and applications with the community.

To this end, this workshop aims to inform the community about the latest achievments in the Mosaic5G ecosystem and its roadmap for future development and target use-cases. The workshop will also provide a training sessions and live use-case demonstrations on four platforms, namely FlexRAN, LL-MEC, Kube5G, and Store.

Workshop Program

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2020 Mosaic5G Workshop Program

Time Slot (Paris, CET) Speaker Affiliation Title
8:45-9:00am Bruno Marafini Eurecom/M5G Welcome Speech and Workshop Program
9:00-9:20am Navid Nikaein Eurecom/OSA/M5G Mosaic5G Ecosystem Slides Youtube
9:20-9:40am Florian Kaltenberger Eurecom/OSA OpenAirInterface 5G Status and Roadmap Slides Youtube
9:40-10:00am Marius Iordache Orange 5G-VICTORI verticals experimented in Romania on top of open-source 5G platforms Slides Youtube
10:00-10:20am Thomas Dreibholz SimulaMet Custom-Made Enhanced Packet Cores as Network Services for 4G/5G Testbeds managed with Open Source MANO Slides Youtube
10:20-10:40am Carlos Herranz Claveras I2CAT Automating OAI cellular deployment with Netconf and FlexRAN Slides Youtube
10:40-10:50am Break
10:50-11:10am Walid Dabbous INRIA Reproducible 5G network automation with Kube5G in R2lab Slides Youtube
11:10-11:30am Adnan Aijaz Toshiba Europe Ltd. Programmable Private 5G Networks: The Role of Open-source Platforms Slides Youtube
11:30-11:50am Adlen Ksentini Eurecom Eurecom Open5GLab facility to trial vertical use-cases Slides Youtube
11:50-12:10am Enrique Chirivella-Perez UWS End to End Network Slicing for critical services in crowdy scenarios Slides Youtube
12:10-12:30pm Timon Sloane Open Source for 5G Connected Edge Slides
12:30-1:30pm Lunch Break and Demo Rooms
Room 1: ChiehChun Chen (NTUST), Prototyping of Open Source NB-IoT Network Slides Youtube
1:30-2:15pm Navid Nikaein Eurecom/OSA/M5G Store Training Slides Youtube
1. Presentation (10')
2. UC Demo1: Manual 5G NSA Deployment in 5 Minutes With M5G Snaps (15')
3. UC Demo2: Large-Scale L2 Simulation/Emulation (10')
4. Q&A (5')
2:15-3:15pm Osama Arouk Eurecom/M5G Kube5G Training Slides Youtube
1. Presentation (15')
2. UC Demo: Cloud-Native Deployment and Runtime Reconfigurations Demos (35')
3. Q&A (10')
3:15-3:30pm Break
3:30-4:30pm Robert Schmidt Eurecom/M5G FlexRAN Training Slides Youtube
1. Presentation (15')
2. UC Demos: Service-Oriented Intelligent and Extensible RAN (35')
3. Q&A (10')
4:30-5:10pm Tien-Thinh Nguyen Eurecom/M5G LL-MEC Training Slides Youtube
1. Presentation (15')
2. UC Demos: Multi-UE Low-Latency Edge Services (20')
3. Q&A (10')
5:10-5:30pm Moderator: Navid Nikaein Eurecom Community Discussion and Closing Remarks Slides Youtube



Few slots for 10-15 minute presentations / demos are available for the community members. Feel free to submit your proposal (title, summary, speaker, and affiliation) before the November 30th, by email.


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The workshop will be held on Zoom. The zoom conferencing link will be emailed to the registered attendees on November the 1st, 2020.
All presentations wil be recorded and made available on the M5G youtube channel.