Mosaic5G STORE Platform


Distribution Repository of Reusable Network Applications/Functions and Usecases

Store is a constellation of platform packages and SDKs, control applications, datasets and models, and use-cases in form of a distribution repository to compose and customize a network service delivery platform across reusable applications. The platform packages and SDKs empowers LL-MEC, FlexRAN, and JoX with limitless possibilities to develop plug-and-play apps tailored to a particular use case without having the detailed knowledge of the underlying network. An app can operate either on a real-time structured data (i.e. JSON) that is being produced or on the previously recorded datasets, the latter being either the last observation carried forward data or totally offline. Datasets are the aggregated network information that can be processed to identify and/or forecast patterns and anomalies, so as to generate a knowledge base or to be analyzed in order to either find an appropriate network control action or validate a hypothesis. Through the open data APIs, an app is able to publish its knowledge and capabilities to other applications, or subscribe to the knowledge and capabilities from other applications.

Store Components


Rapidly develop new ideas, control applications and business needs


The 5G infrastructure as a service (5G-IaaS) approach to telco aims to provide programmable infrastructures (e.g., software-defined radio, x86-based infrastructure, specialized hardware) and to host the RAN service on the top of such infrastructure. 5G-PaaS extends 5G-IaaS in support of control, orchestration, and virtualization providing open APIs and a slice-friendly development environment to enable a rich ecosystem of network applications.

Software Development Kits

Store includes three platform-specific SDKs that can be composed together to develop an agile app that operated across different domains and planes. Each SDK provides a software development environment to facilitate the design, development, test and update of an application. It includes libraries that implement specific functions/methods complying with a domain-specific semantics to enables apps with a fine-grain monitoring, control, and programmability of the underlying network.

Open Data API

Coupled with SDKs, open Data API places the apps at the center of the 5G network with the ability of publishing their capabilities in the form of actions or information and performing divers operation to the underlying network including monitoring, control, and programming. An app can define public and private APIs and manage access to its capabilities.


A realistic set of datasets has been recorded using Open5G at Eurecom, which can be used for different purposes. New set of datasets can be generated and made available to the R&D community upon request.

Use Cases

Leverage Mosaic5G platform components to compose/tailor your network for a particular use-case.


Network Store Management
Network Control Semantics and SDK
Plug&Play Control Apps
Access Control
Service Registry, Inventory, and Discovery


Know more about the implementation, license, and how to install

Snaps, Charms, and Bundle

Store includes the source files for building and snapping Mosaic5G platforms. It also contains charms for the OpenAirInterface RAN and CN, FlexRAN and LL-MEC softwares as well as the bundles for different use-cases. They can also be found and used on Ubuntu Snap and Charm stores. Snaps, charms, and bundles can be easily customized based on the considered use cases.

Control Apps and SDKs

A rich set of extendable plug & play control apps have been developed on the top of SDKs ranging from monitoring, data mining, resource management (spectrum and radio), service-specific traffic redirection, and QoS management in RAN and CN domain. Apps can extend each other and supports open data APIs (e.g. jsonRPC) in support of request/response and pub/sub communication method.


Different use case specific datasets have been gathered based on the platform-specific recording capabilities, which can be used as offline data in conjunction with the control apps and SDK to analyze the data. Datasets can also be reproduced for the use case of interest.


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