Mosaic5G Projects

Transform radio access and core networks into an agile network service delivery platform to rapidly explore new ideas as well as application and business needs


A Low Latency Multi-access Edge Computing Platform for Software-Defined Mobile Networks.


A Flexible and Programmable Platform for Software-Defined Radio Access Networks.


Distribution Repository of Reusable Network Applications/Functions and Usecases.


An Event-Driven Juju-based Service Orchestrator Core with Plugin Architecture.


Cloud-Native Agile 5G Service Platforms.

My Project

Create a project, develop/reuse network functions, build and share your platform/use-cases.

Leverage network programmability to develop innovative applications

Leverage ecosystem for rapid proof-of-concept prototyping tailored to your use-case

Customize and architect your network service delivery platform and start

Mosaic5G Layers

Unlock fast innovation in 4G and 5G arenas from reusable network apps, components and use-cases