Benefits from tiered membership

The Mosaic5G membership model is open to operators, service providers, vendors, and academic institutions who want to use it as well as contribute and/or collaborate within its ecosystem. The initiative offers one level of free-of-charge subscription and 2 level of paid membership to respond to diverse requirements and promotions.

By becoming a member of Mosaic5G, these business opportunities may be exploited:

  • Marketing
  • Raise awareness of Mosaic5G projects and your participation
  • Webinars and white papers to showcase and promote your organization leadership about best practices and new technologies
  • Leverage Mosaic5G channels and community to promote your organization
  • Community Leverage
  • Become a voice and lead a project
  • Share your end user case studies to get feedbacks and support
  • Reuse existing case studies and software components


Benefit and Obligation of a membership

  • User
  • Free of Charge
  • Access to the code and documentation
  • Access to mailing lists and get support
  • Share use-case and PoC
  • More information
  • Contributor
  • Subject to fee
  • Access to the code and documentation
  • Access to Training and prototyping sessions
  • Access to new features and fixes
  • Lead a collaborative R&D project
  • Contribute to the source code
  • More information
  • Sponsor Partner
  • Membership Fee
  • Build a custom solution for your use-case
  • Get support to build a PoC
  • Establish a collaborative R&D project
  • Become member of advisory board
  • Access to the Mosaic5G lab environment
  • User and partner benefits
  • More information

License Model

User, Contributor, and Sponsor

The Mosaic5G software repositories are currently under Apache V2.0 license. The meta repository that includes all the submodules is located here (restricted access) . The code base is free for non-commercial or academic research purposes.

To become a member (user, contributor, and sponsor), please :
(I) Read and agree with the Apache license. Download text pdf word.
(II) Send the signed terms of use to admin (at) mosaic-5g (dot) io. Download text pdf word. The purpose of this document is establish a channel through which members activities can be openly shared with the community by signing additional specific terms.
(III) Contributor, send a signed version of the cooperate contributor license agreement (CCLA) to admin (at) mosaic-5g (dot) io. Download text pdf word
(IV) Sponsor, contact us at admin (at) mosaic-5g (dot) io.