Mosaic5G Ecosystem

Mosaic5G introduces the world’s first ecosystem of 5G R&D open source platforms ranging from the centralized network control to the mobile edge network deployment

Bringing together the agile network automation, virtualization and abstraction

Mosaic5G Projects

Transform radio access and core networks into an agile network service delivery platform to rapidly explore new ideas as well as application and business needs


A Low Latency Multi-access Edge Computing Platform for Software-Defined Mobile Networks.


A Flexible and Programmable Platform for Software-Defined Radio Access Networks.


Distribution Repository of Reusable Network Applications/Functions and Usecases.


An Event-Driven Juju-based Service Orchestrator Core with Plugin Architecture.


Cloud-Native Agile 5G Service Platforms.

My Project

Create a project, develop/reuse network functions, build and share your platform/use-cases.

Leverage network programmability to develop innovative applications

Compose and Architect your custom network service delivery platform, and start developing network Apps for your use-case

Unlock fast innovation in 4G and 5G arenas from reusable components and use-cases

Mosaic5G Layers

Focus on your use-case and missing pieces, and leverage ecosystem to build and validate diverse proof-of-concept prototypes

Use Cases

Leverage Mosaic5G platform components to compose/tailor your network for a particular use-case.


OpenAirInterface, FlexRAN, LL-MEC, JoX.


OpenAirInterface, FlexRAN, JoX, Store.


OpenAirInterface, FlexRAN, JoX, Store.

Green Networking

OpenAirInterface, FlexRAN, JoX, Store.

Getting Started

Turning ideas into reality

  • Access to Mosaic5G Resources [README]

    1Become a member
    2 Create a gitlab account
    3 Subscribe to Mosaic5G
    4 Clone the repository
  • Build your Agile Service Platform [README]

    1 Snap platform: sudo snap install [platform_name]
    2 Check platform help : [platform_name].help
    3 Configure platform: platform_name.set-conf myconf
    4 Run the platform: platform_name
  • Reuse & Develop New Services [WiKi]

    1 Leverage platform SDKs to develop smart Apps
    2 Consume other Apps through Open Data APIs
    3 Create new services and knowledge
  • Collaborate and Publish

    1 Get help and discuss ideas via the mailing list
    2 Open issues and feature requests using gitlab
    3 Contribute to the existing codebase
    4 Publish your project and leverage the community